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Aiming to ease and prolong the lives of people
living with cancer and other serious illnesses


The In Mind In Body pioneering programme combines the benefits of Guided Visualisation and Physical Activity to enhance responses to conventional cancer treatment. This response is achieved by listening to our FREE Audio Visualisation guides

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Marcus Childs

Did you know you already visualise?

Did you know you already visualise? Listen Now

Listen to Marcus Child explain how we all naturally visualise.

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“Modern cosmetic tattoos are incredibly realistic, especially “3D” areola restoration, helping to heal deep psychological wounds. Should they be available on the NHS?” asked Matthew Jenkin in his recent article for The Guardian “It’s the icing on the cake, the final cherry on the top that they need to make them feel whole again,” says […]

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Research published last week suggests once more that breast cancer patients do not exercise enough. “Women who have received a breast cancer diagnosis need better support to keep active,” said Caroline Dalton from Breakthrough Breast Cancer. But it’s not just cancer patients who ought to ‘get moving‘ more, its society as a whole. We seem to […]

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Guided Visualisation enhances the effectiveness of conventional cancer treatment.

In Mind In Body