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Aiming to ease and prolong the lives of people
living with cancer and other serious illnesses


The In Mind In Body pioneering programme combines the benefits of Guided Visualisation and Physical Activity to enhance responses to conventional cancer treatment. This response is achieved by listening to our FREE Audio Visualisation guides

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Marcus Childs

Did you know you already visualise?

Did you know you already visualise? Listen Now

Listen to Marcus Child explain how we all naturally visualise.

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When the world appears to be conspiring against you, being told to ‘think positive’ can have quite the opposite effect. In fact for many anger rages at the preposterousness of the suggestion.  However at any given time I believe, despite life’s challenges, our state of mind is a matter of choice. I had the very […]

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Our body’s can reap the benefits of exercise both physically and psychologically purely by imagining ourselves taking part in an activity. Whilst to some this may sound ludicrous, it is a scientifically proven fact. We are all aware that one visit to the gym does not tone our body’s instantaneously. It does take a minimum […]

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The brain, the personality affect the status of the immune system… becoming positive does make a difference

Prof. A.Dalgleish, Head of Clinical Research, St.Georges