A Mindful Approach to Exercise

Simple solutions to get you active and moving more

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1-2-1 sessions

The winning formula to get active & move more.

It's fun, simple and life-changing. Set your goals. Discover and clear your what blocks your exercise progress. Choose, design and action your 'Move More' program, one you'll enjoy, look forward to and thrive on. Develop your meditation and active imagery skills to keep you motivated and on track.

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Fast-track to Sit Less, Move More

Sit Less, Move More: Exercise and Your Mindset is a powerful workshop dedicated to resolving the issues behind your inactiivty and providing you with simple solutions to get you active and moving more. You'll work through 'The 4-Step Move More Plan' and discover how you can focus your mind to condition your body.

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Independent Learning

Active imagery audio fitness programs; exercising the body through the mind

Ideal support for people with long term or limiting health conditions, or those simply wanting the guidance, encouragement and motivation to stimulate and regain a healthier, more active lifestyle. Connect with us to have your personalised program designed, specifically for your needs.

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Hello! My name is Tessa. I am a speaker, trainer and the Founder of In Mind In Body Ltd. I help clients to find and fulfil their potential; to lead happier, healthier, more active and successful lives.

I’m passionate about exercise. It’s the best-known preventative and rehabilitative medicine known to man. The plethora of benefits to be gained from physical activity are staggering, it’s like gold-dust and yet many people struggle to add it into their weekly routine. I believe self-limiting beliefs and emotions are major contributing factors behind peoples inactivity. If we can get to the root cause of these and dissolve them, we can make a big difference to our health and outlook on life.

We subconsciously hold ourselves back through the stories we tell ourselves. These stories may have been passed down to you by generations or developed during your formative years. When you understand the story, the beliefs and context around them, you can choose to feel into and let go them go, changing your perception, your biology and your life.


I have a wealth of relevant experience in my own life.

Completing my Master’s degree in Physical Education at Washington State University, USA I returned to the UK and worked setting up and running health clubs. After the birth of my three sons, I became a successful Personal Fitness Trainer in the Home Counties. However, in 2010 I was stopped in my tracks by cancer. Bed-bound, I asked myself why I thought I had cancer? Stress was a major factor, and the only way I could become stressed was through my thoughts, my attitude, beliefs and perceptions.

This led me to extensively research the power of the mind-body. The astonishing information I collated and felt compelled to share, led me to found In Mind In Body, pioneering ‘active imagery’ audio fitness programmes. Designed originally to help people with cancer gain the benefits of exercise, through imagined movement. It soon became apparent that active imagery had a far-wider audience, reaching out to people with limiting and long-term health conditions, those needing the motivation, guidance and encouragement to exercise; as well as those just wishing to optimise exercise goals.

During this time, I worked tirelessly on myself, gaining strength, understanding, belief and knowledge, to further develop my work with clients, helping them to unblock their limiting beliefs and emotions. Guiding them to feel and dissolve away their fears, allowing them to heal, to change how they experience life and to place the keys to their success firmly in their hands. Please visit www.tessaguy.com for further details on my work.

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