Lifting Your Mood With Active Imagery

Science can now conclusively highlight both the physical and chemical affects our thoughts have on our bodies, even to the point of affecting our DNA.

So what are you thinking? How did you feel when you got out of bed this morning? What sort of mood were you in? How were your thoughts affecting you?

source It is estimated we have over 70,000 thoughts a day, 90% of which we repeat tomorrow, 70% of these we perceived as negative. Once we start thinking in a particular vein, we attract similar thoughts. We find circumstances, reasons to back up our thinking and if we’re not carefully can spiral into despair and self-sabotage.

help writing victim impact statement So how do we change our thinking, change our mood, become more productive and feel on top of the world? We know a 30-minute walk or run can lift our mood immediately, releasing serotonin, dopamine and endorphins into the blood stream, to help relieve stress, anxiety and depression and allow us to refocus. But how else can exercise mentally help? Interestingly recent studies in neuroscience have indicated that physical activity can increase the production and survival rates of new brain cells! In an article by neuroscientist Dr Wendy Suzuki her research suggests that exercise improves the key functions of the brain, not only lifting our mood but in our ability to imagine new situations to improve the imaginative functions of the brain. If we couple these findings with the physical benefits of exercise it questions, why society on the whole is still relatively inactive? Physical activity is the natural wonder-drug and yet most of us are still reluctant to take it. Perhaps all we need to do is change our thinking and imagine a world of possibilities. Could active imagery potentially be a game changer? The technique which harnesses your thoughts to strengthen your body. Lifting your mood, reducing stress and optimising your health and enjoyment of life.