An introduction to active imagery In Mind In Body was founded on the power thoughts can have over our physical health and the benefits of participation in physical activity for cancer patients. All evidence highlights the amazing, positive affects it has on their health and their chances of overcoming the disease and the side effects of treatment. We wanted to connect these two elements in order to help cancer patients during one of the most difficult times in their lives.

go here This journey led us to create Active Imagery strength training MP3’s. But how did we get there? Over the following series of blogs we would like to guide you through the process, showing our research and all the elements that we bought together to make active imagery as effective and powerful as possible.

We start with stress and the negative impact prolonged stress can have on our health and the importance of managing our stress levels. This is followed by a look into the relaxation responses and how learning to focus in on this can help us manage stress levels by turning off our flight/fight response and come back to a pre-stress cognitive state.

Next, we come to Guided Imagery and it’s uses as a complementary healing technique to improve responses to medical treatment. We explore how it can be used to focus the mind to create positive physical change in the body, an important element in active imagery.

see url After that we begin to venture into physical activity and the astounding health benefits it can bring to us all and in particular cancer patients. We share research which shows how through a variety of factors, physical activity can help patients overcome the side effects of treatment and even increase their chance of beating the disease and reduce chances of its recurrence. We also explore some of the less well known psychological benefits, such as increased brain function and intelligence.

source site Bringing these two elements together, we discuss exercise imagery, highly influential in active imagery. Through a series of blog’s we discuss in detail and demonstrate with scientific study how using exercise imagery can bring the health benefits associated with physical activity and the importance of maintaining the health and strength of our neural systems, the connections between our mind and our body.

Finally, we round off by studying the impact our thoughts, perception and belief have upon our physical and mental well-being. These three elements are heavily connected, all influencing each other to determine subconscious health outcomes within our bodies. We also explore how, through being aware of their impact and concentrated positive thought, we can begin to consciously control these elements to help bring about the health outcomes we desire.

We end with a look at active imagery itself, how it can help cancer patients and the positive impact it can have not only on a patient’s health but their quality of life, both during and after treatment.