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Guided imagery and visualisation are concepts that have been developing for decades in health care and sports programmes worldwide. As we realise more and more how our thoughts play an active role in the performance of our bodies, the importance we place upon psychology and how we use it to gain competitive advantage is gathering pace. Elite athletes are being taught to use imagery and visualisation to create enhanced muscle memories which prepare their bodies to perform faster, fitter, stronger and faster again. At the same time, advancements in imaging technology and bio-feedback are creating pathways for science to prove the importance of healthy mind-body symbiosis. Research continues to show that our thoughts do prompt chemical and physiological changes within the body. What we believe, our intentions and aspirations can all be affected by the way we think. The imagery of our thoughts affects the reality of our outcomes.

Active imagery is the next leap along the path of developing and make use of the astounding capabilities of our minds to influence our body’s health and performance. Whilst guided imagery is currently used to prepare the body to perform a specific skill or movement, we believe active imagery can be used to achieve so much more. Combining recent scientific developments in guided imagery with the concepts of muscle memory and cellular memory, active imagery is the new way to train and perform. By imagining training routines, workouts and performance outcomes it is possible to accelerate fitness levels, increase muscle strength and improve recovery times. With active imagery, the potential exists to continue to train during periods of physical rest and recuperation after intense training or during recovery from injury. We may even break down psychological sporting barriers such as the wall and re-train the way our bodies react before, during and after exercise. Unlock your potential with active imagery – imagine the possibilities.