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Aiming to ease and prolong the lives of people
living with cancer and other serious illnesses

Our Aims

IMIB Foundation Feature Our Aims

As well as our Guided Visualisation programme, In Mind In Body aims to help and support those suffering from Cancer and other serious illnesses in a variety of ways.

In Mind In Body offers:

  • FREE guided visualisation MP3′s
  • FREE access to research on guided visualisation and physical activity with supportive videos

The Foundation aims to offer:

  • FREE MP3 players uploaded with IMIB guided visualisations, to all UK chemotherapy and radiotherapy units.
  • FREE personal fitness training sessions to people suffering from chronic illness, in their own homes. To assess, educate and encourage them to become active.
  • FREE on-line access to visualisation/imagery/hypnotherapy experts to help people gain a full understanding of the mind/body connection in health, well-being and healing.

Your support is appreciated enormously, thank you.